While methods for hiring the best talent in the field for an open position is a constant point of discussion, it feels particularly relevant in light of the continuing Great Resignation and the annual spike in job searches that come at the start of a new year. As an employer, you have a pool of incredible applicants, but how do you know who is right for your team? A resume and one or two interviews often aren’t enough to gauge which candidate is going to excel in the role you’re hiring for. Join Eric Eisen '98, for a discussion about why TopGrading may be the system to change up your hiring practices.

TopGrading is a system and standard for improving the productivity, profitability, and progress of an organization by recruiting, hiring, and developing teams of top performers. Whether your company is searching for a new leader, replacing an executive team member, promoting a manager, or bringing on entry-level employees, TopGrading provides methods, training, and tools to help you hire with confidence.
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    Eric Eisen
    Entrepreneur & Talent Solutions Leader
    Eric Eisen, Weinberg class of ’98, is a business executive with a history of success building profitable start-ups and managing scale-ups to grow sales & maximize profits. Having started his first business shortly after graduation, he quickly learned that there is no greater competitive advantage for an organization than the talent it employs.

    Lucky to have been exposed to Topgrading early in his career, Eric immediately began implementing its methodologies into his businesses and witnessed first-hand the positive impact that a team of high performers that fit the organization culture can have on results.

    Today, in addition to still building a portfolio of his own companies, Eric helps organizations around the world to build high caliber teams through smarter hiring practices.

    Eric currently resides in Westport, CT with his wife Lisa & two children Alexa & Andrew.