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Align With the Power of Your Voice

January 24, 2019 at 12:00:00 PM · Central Time (US & Canada)
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About This Webinar

Voice is the wave of the future…

Explore how Voiceover and your expertise can open opportunities that:

• Align yourself with the power and possibilities of your voice

• Enrich your life

• Diversify your income


• Get your voice into the world doing something you love

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Tish Hicks is the founder and Master Sensei of the V.O. Dojo. She has been a highly successful L.A. voiceover
artist for over 15 years and is as smart, down-to-earth and nurturing as her signature voice, which was the voice of Citibank for six years. Tish's background as an actress, singer, kickboxer, shamanʼs apprentice, and her years in the V.O. trenches combine
to create a "fierce kindness" — a blending of real-world experience, spiritual truth, and a deeply wacky sense of humor — as she shares her love of the art form and business of voiceover. For more info, visit tishhicks.com/vo.
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