Healthy living comes from creating nourishment, connections and presence in our daily life. What we eat, drink and how we sleep nourish us. Connecting to our body, ourselves, nature and our communities keeps passion and focus alive within us. Being present to what happens each day opens us up contentment and joy. These are the building blocks health on the mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritual plan. Resolutions often fade after the first few days of the year. Why not, do something different? In this webinar, Dr. Daemon Jones ’92 offers ten keys to healthy living—focusing on nourishment, connection, and service—to help you build upon habits and behaviors that can set you up for success in the new year and beyond.
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    Dr. Daemon Jones
    Dr. Dae ’92 believes that the key to finding happiness and fulfillment is knowing it is ok to put yourself first and choose health as your number one priority. When you do, you are able to show up more powerfully in every aspect of your life – work, personal and in your community.

    Dr. Dae works with individuals who are struggling with health issues such as weight gain, diabetes, thyroid problems and issues around menopause. These individuals often don’t realize their health issues are coming from hormonal imbalances that have not been addressed or properly treated.

    Dr. Dae is an expert in using lifestyle as medicine to reduce chronic disease. Her Replenish. Restore. Reclaim. framework proves that diminished health and energy can be reversed with proactive choices, at any age.

    Dr. Dae is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Washington, D.C. and treats patients from across the D.C. Metropolitan area, as well as virtually all over the world.