If the name Justin Barbin ’11 sounds familiar, that’s because he’s been documenting Northwestern events for over a decade now. As a student he covered the campus party scene with STITCH Fashion Magazine, worked closely with The Daily and North by Northwestern on top of capturing the daily life of being a college student. An established freelance photographer, you’ll still find Barbin capturing beloved Northwestern events like Dance Marathon, Dillo Day, and formals. But how did he go from photographing student events to traveling around the world, documenting the Broadway smash Hamilton, covering Pitchfork and Lollapalooza, or being commissioned by Nike and Blue Man Group?

Barbin will use his work as a visual guide to share how he transitioned into the world of freelance photography and successfully made a name for himself as a dynamic photographer with a talent for connecting with his subjects. He will also disclose the challenges of being self-employed through sharing stories of setbacks, self-doubt, and navigating work-life balance. Learn more about the highlights and challenges of being self-employed in a creative field.
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    Justin Barbin
    Justin Barbin balances the delicate thread of the past, present, and future in his images to capture something current while simultaneously remaining timeless.

    He sets himself apart not only with his mastery of the technical aspects of photography but also with his profound joy in the work he creates. Watching Barbin in action is awe-inspiring as he maneuvers through each event with extraordinary intuition, understanding what each event or project is needed of him. He can glide across the room making each person feel significant and valued while also knowing when reverence and space are needed, all the while being present and attentive. It is palpable in his images how much care and respect he gives to whatever subject he captures.

    A proud alumnus of Northwestern University, Barbin is based in Chicago and NYC, but travels extensively for high-profile events, destination weddings, and projects that span the globe.

    Barbin has worked with numerous notable clients and publications from around the world, including: Nike, Gillette, Dwyane Wade, Hamilton on Broadway, The Globe Theatre of London, People Magazine, Vogue, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and Disney.