Stonebranch Online 2022

October 4 - November 10, 2022 | Stonebranch Online is a six-week virtual education forum designed to help you evolve your IT automation and orchestration program. This annual event includes a fantastic lineup of industry experts. Hear stories of innovation from end-users, become inspired by new product demos, participate in end-user training, and gain insight into the Stonebranch product roadmap. This must-attend event is perfect for cloud teams, developers, IT operations, data teams, platform ops, and anyone who wants to orchestrate their universe!
Stonebranch Online Sessions
  • October 4 at 10 AM EDT | 4PM CEST
    Opening Keynote: Orchestrate the Universe
    All Audiences
  • October 6 at 10 AM EDT | 4PM CEST
    5 Practical Ways to Automate Jobs in Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Containerized Environments
    Cloud, IT Ops, Data
  • October 11 at 10 AM EDT | 4PM CEST
    Success Story: AXA Insurance on Real-Time Automation in a Hybrid IT Environment
    Cloud, IT Ops, Data
  • October 13 at 10 AM EDT | 4PM CEST
    How to Orchestrate a Data Pipeline with Seattle Childrens Hospital and VIP
    Data, Business Intelligence
  • October 18 at 10 AM EDT | 4PM CEST
    How ING Empowers End-Users with Self-Service Automation
    IT Ops
  • October 20 at 10 AM EDT | 4PM CEST
    Product Update: What's New in UAC Version 7.3
    All Audiences
  • October 25 at 10 AM EDT | 4PM CEST
    Demo: Check out the New Universal Data Mover Gateway for B2B MFT
    Data, IT Ops
  • October 27 at 10 AM EDT | 4PM CEST
    Training: Connecting UAC with any IT System in Your Hybrid IT Environment
    IT Ops, Developers
  • November 1 at 10 AM EDT | 3PM CET
    Technical Training: Learn How to Build a Universal Extension from Scratch
    IT Ops, Developers
  • November 8 at 10 AM EST | 4PM CET
    Demo: Cloud Infrastructure Automation with the UAC
    Cloud, IT Ops, Developers
  • November 10 at 10 AM EST | 4PM CET
    Developer Round Table
    All Audiences

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