A data pipeline is a workflow that moves information from its source system, combines it with information from other sources, then prepares it all for analysis, computation, and delivery to the business. It’s a simple-enough concept that’s increasingly complex in practice… unless you have Stonebranch in your corner.

Join a panel session with Helen Pampinella, VIP, as well as Grace Li, Robert Lamb and Kishore Uppada, Seattle Children’s Hospital, as they discuss how they use the Universal Automation Center (UAC) to:

* Automate a mix of on-premises and cloud-based data tools (e.g., IBM DataStage, Snowflake, Tableau, PowerBI, and others).
* Securely connect to databases and transfer files between environments and tools.
* Leverage dashboards and real-time alerts to monitor for and quickly resolve errors.
* Achieve real-time data flows with event-based triggers that avoid unnecessary (and costly) polling and periodic tasks.

This session is a panel discussion of successful data pipeline strategies. It's recommended for business and technical audiences interested in data and business intelligence.
Helen Pampinella
Chief Data Architect/Senior Database Engineer, Vermont Information Processing
Helen Pampinella is Chief Data Architect and Senior Database Engineer for Vermont Information Processing (VIP), where she's responsible for the architecture and administration of data integrations and enterprise-level products. Prior to joining VIP in 2015, Ms. Pampinella worked at IBM for 18 years. For much of her IBM career, she led strategic planning for physical database administrator (DBA) services, supporting 500+ DBAs worldwide and led complex transitions and transformations for 100+ clients. In her last two years at IBM, she was part of the chief architect team (TTIA).
Robert Lamb
Senior Data Engineer, Seattle Children's
Rob Lamb has worked with Seattle Children’s Hospital as both a consultant and full-time employee for nearly a decade. With a background in Quality Assurance, he works to implement sustainable, robust solutions. His work with Stonebranch includes interacting with DataStage, SSAS, Python, Tableau, and PowerBI.
Grace Li
Senior Systems Engineer, Seattle Children's
Grace Li brings nearly 20 years of analytics experience to her role as a Senior Systems Engineer at Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH). She started her career at Weyerhaeuser as a Business Intelligence (BI) Developer, then moved to Logic 20/20 as a BI Consultant, where she delivered analytical solutions to local organizations. Ms. Li joined SCH 10 years ago as a Data Engineer for the enterprise analytics team and is now a Senior Systems Engineer who supports the data pipeline tools used by the team.
Kishore Uppada
Data Engineer Lead, Seattle Children's
Kishore Uppada is a Data Engineer Lead for Seattle Children's Hospital. Mr. Uppada is an expert in the design and implementation business intelligence and data warehousing solutions, and offers a strong technical skillset in Informatica, Teradata, Cognos, and Oracle. Prior to his current role, he held technical positions for well-known enterprises such as Cognizant and Nike.
Scott Davis
Global Vice President, Stonebranch
With over 19 years of experience in the software technology industry, Scott’s tour of duty has included senior leadership roles at such well-known global technology brands as SAP and Calero. At Stonebranch, Scott leads all corporate growth initiatives across the globe. His expertise extends to international industry market research and analysis and technical marketing. Mr. Davis is a thought leader in marketing technology, BI/analytics, and IT automation and has been invited to speak at various industry events, including SeriusDecisions Technology Exchange.
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