There’s no shortage of ways to automate cloud infrastructure. Unfortunately, with so many processes and tools used along the way, there is a fundamental “orchestration” gap.

Join Matthew Burke, Senior Cloud Engineer at Stonebranch, and Cinu Varghese, VP of Cloud Operations at Stonebranch, as they reveal how Stonebranch uses Universal Automation Center (UAC) to orchestrate our very own cloud infrastructure.

They will demo our real-world setup. During the session, learn how to:

* Massively increase the speed by which you can empower end-users with the cloud services they need. (Hint: go from weeks to minutes for each instance.)
* Spin-up cloud infrastructure while installing the proper databases, security, permissions, and applications.
* Centrally orchestrate third-party tools used along the process, inclusive of Ansible, Terraform, AWS, and more.
* Build a best-practice cloud infrastructure workflow.
* Use templates to right-size cloud services for specific use-cases.
* Gain a whole new level of observability and control across the entire process.

This technical demonstration offers hybrid IT inspiration for Cloud, IT Ops, and Development audiences.
Cinu Varghese
Vice President Cloud Operations and Product Support, Stonebranch
Cinu Varghese is a Vice President at Stonebranch, overseeing the areas of cloud operations, product support, IT operations, and information security. He has been instrumental in the maturation of the Stonebranch SaaS model over the last three years, and has nearly 20 years of experience in system administration, hosting, cloud operations, and security. Prior to Stonebranch, Mr. Varghese served as the Director of Customer Operations at eApps Hosting, where he managed support, operations, and consulting services for enterprise customers.
Matthew Burke
Senior Cloud Engineer, Stonebranch
Matthew Burke is the part of the Stonebranch cloud engineering team, which is responsible for the design, management, and maintenance of the organization's cloud infrastructure. In addition to staying one step ahead in orchestrating automation across disparate environments and technologies, Mr. Burke implements best practices and ensures the security of the network and its services. He has a diverse skillset that spans software, operating systems, cloud services, and scripting. Throughout his 20-year career, Mr. Burke has held positions in systems, performance, and site reliability engineering for industry-leading ecommerce and financial institutions.
Peter Baljet
Chief Technology Officer, Stonebranch
As CTO, Peter's mission is to bring Stonebranch’s vision to the market. With more than 25 years of experience in technology product strategy, development, and operations, he is a recognized industry thought leader in the areas of Cloud and Big Data/Analytics. Prior to Stonebranch, Mr. Baljet helped drive innovations as a senior leader with organizations including SAP, Deloitte Consulting, and Visiprise. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Auburn University and a master’s degree in Management of Technology (MBA) from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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