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Dheya Career Mentors I Pvt Ltd
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The world today is changing very fast, especially in terms of careers and education. Corona pandemic has worsened the situation. Students and parents are confused which career is most suitable for them and what education will help them to achieve ...
  • Saturday, November 28, 2020 · 11:00 AM IST
    We will be discussing various learning styles that exist and the advantages of knowing what style we possess. Also tips on how we can make this our advantage while learning and help ourselves enhance the other learning styles if required.
  • Monday, November 23, 2020 · 7:00 PM IST
    Gemba Kaizen is Japanese concept for continuous improvement of processes, it is carried out at Gemba ie., Work place with team of connected people , inter disciplinary team. It is focused activity for 4 days at Gemba. By the end of 4th day the im...
  • Sunday, November 22, 2020 · 11:15 AM IST
    Bilingual employees are viewed as having excellent communication and problem-solving skills, as a result of their experience in developing a second language while maintaining command of their native tongue. Being fluent in more than one language ...
  • Mega Career Event
    We at Dheya understand your anxiety about facing the future post-Std. 12, and taking the right direction. To help you make an informed choice, we invite you to an exciting Mega-Event for enabling Right Career Decisions for all Students and Parents...
  • Career Guidance Conclave
    Choosing a suitable career option influences a student’s course of life. Taking informed decisions at the right time could bring in wonderful opportunities as opposed to wrong ones, which could ruin a student’s future, as these decisions are often...
'Dheya is India’s first and premier Career Guidance & Planning organization working with a self-developed Psychometric tool, which is completely validated to Indian norms and is statistically proven.