Digital Gov Excellence Symposium

About This Symposium

October 18 - November 21 | Get ready for PayIt’s Digital Government Excellence Symposium: a curated series of six webinars designed to help agencies exceed their digital transformation goals. Leading experts in government technology will join us to discuss industry trends heading into 2024, end-user experience, and adoption. Throughout the series, speakers from organizations such as MeriTalk, Deloitte, and e.Republic will share real-world experience, current industry data, and tactics that agencies can implement immediately. It’s a must-attend event for agencies that are pursuing digital excellence.
Sessions in this Symposium
  • Episode 1 | Digital Gov't Year in Review: Top 2023 trends in Digital Govt Service Delivery
  • Episode 2 | Elevating Resident Experience: Pioneering Digital Government for Equity, Sustainability, and Accessibility
  • Episode 3 | Building for the Future: Evaluating Technology to Drive Digital Government Service Delivery Success
  • Episode 4 | From Paper Trails to Digital Triumph: Supercharging Property Tax Collection in 90 Days
  • Episode 5 | Effortless Transformation: Modernizing Government Service Delivery in Record Time, Backend Upgrades Not Needed
  • Episode 6 | Engage, Educate, Empower: Best Practices for Driving Resident Adoption of Digital Government Services

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