The acute need for digital government modernization as a part of the overall digital transformation is nothing new. And so is the disillusionment with being able to do it fast. Contrary to what you may have heard, your agency CAN quickly upgrade IT infrastructure and enhance the customer experience. The fifth episode of the PayIt Digital Government Excellence Symposium, find out how to modernize government service delivery without the need for immediate backend upgrades in less than 90 days..

Discover how agencies can enhance the customer experience and accelerate digital engagement, even when constrained by dated technology. By automating government workflows and associated payments, your agency can enhance efficiency and put comprehensive transaction reporting to use. Experience the power of modernization without the hindrance of back-end constraints!
  • Understand the benefits of separating the customer experience from the back-end system
  • Unleash the potential for faster digital adoption and cost savings
  • Explore seamless integration into any existing back-office system
Reid Wilson
Founder and Editor, Pluribus News
Reid Wilson, founder and editor-in-chief of Pluribus News, stands as a pioneering force in political journalism. With a remarkable career spanning esteemed outlets like The Hill, The Washington Post, and National Journal, he has honed his expertise in state-level politics and policy. As an acclaimed author and commentator, Wilson possesses an unparalleled ability to dissect political trends, often predicting election outcomes well in advance. Renowned for his insightful analysis and infectious enthusiasm, he captivates audiences with his deep understanding of the political landscape. Wilson's extensive coverage of elections and politics, coupled with his nonpartisan approach, makes him a trusted voice in the industry. His role as a moderator at the Digital Gov Excellence Symposium further showcases his exceptional breadth and depth in political reporting, affirming his status as a true authority in American politics.
Katie Beth DeSchepper
Vice President, Client Solutions, PayIt
Katie Beth DeSchepper is a strategic problem solver with a passion for simplifying complex challenges. With extensive experience in strategic execution, operational management, and team development, she excels at driving real change in business processes and online engagement. Katie Beth has a talent for connecting data and systems that were not meant to work together, enabling seamless operations. Currently leading as Vice President of Client Solutions at PayIt, she is dedicated to simplifying government operations and scaling business obstacles for both current and future government clients. Join Katie Beth's session to gain valuable insights from her expertise in driving successful government transformations.
Michael Gutierrez
Senior Director, Technical Operations, PayIt
Michael Gutierrez is a results-driven IT professional known for delivering exceptional outcomes in highly competitive environments. With a focus on continuous improvement, he excels in providing executive leadership and driving innovative solutions. Michael's extensive experience in global Information Technology environments enables him to enhance products, processes, and customer service. He is skilled in building strategic partnerships and leveraging leading-edge technology to measure performance and increase corporate profitability. With a diverse background and a business-driven leadership style, Michael is committed to achieving remarkable results. Join his session to gain valuable insights from his expertise in technical operations and leveraging technology for business success.
Jason Powell
Director, Implementations, PayIt
Jason Powell is a highly skilled and experienced Director of Implementations at PayIt, known for his expertise in delivering exceptional customer experiences. With a deep understanding of separating the back end from the front end, Jason optimizes customer interactions to drive satisfaction and loyalty. He is passionate about leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance the overall customer journey. Through his innovative solutions and effective leadership, Jason has successfully helped numerous businesses achieve their customer service goals. Join Jason's session to gain valuable insights and strategies for delivering outstanding customer experiences through technology-driven implementations.
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