Welcome to the PayIt Digital Government Excellence Symposium. During this event kick-off session, we will take a look back at what 2023 meant for digital service delivery advancement. Government agencies have set ambitious goals to improve the resident experience online, but those projects can be a challenge to prioritize. What efforts make the most impact? As the year started, PayIt made a few 2023 trend predictions all focused on reducing friction for end-users and improving customer service and getting agencies the revenue they need faster and more reliably. Now, we’ll explore whether or not those predictions have materialized as the year is coming to a close. Additionally, we will explore whether any of these trends have evolve further or if any new trends rose on the digital services horizon.

Join industry experts as they parse out how those trends played out in the real world. PLUS: We’ll chat about what the industry will look like in 2024.
  • Both agencies and residents would like to see (and benefit from) more payment options, including immediate payment processing, installments, and a digital wallet.
  • Most people prefer to interact with government digitally but find current experiences difficult.
  • Lack of budget, resources, and expertise are stifling channel shift; agencies are open to new ideas and perspectives on driving customer adoption.
  • Agencies start to hone their approach to digital service delivery — with hopes of creating a more intuitive, holistic experience.
Kelly Davis-Felner
Chief Marketing Officer, PayIt
Kelly Davis-Felner is a dynamic and accomplished technology leader with a proven track record of success in driving strategy, building alignment, and delivering exceptional results. With extensive experience in complex, stakeholder-rich organizations, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Kelly's distinguished career spans various sectors, including cybersecurity, data science, GovTech, and e-commerce. As the Chief Marketing Officer at PayIt, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's marketing initiatives and driving its success. Join her session to gain invaluable insights from her vast experience in software marketing and leadership.
Katie Beth DeSchepper
Vice President, Client Solutions, PayIt
Katie Beth DeSchepper is a strategic problem solver with a passion for simplifying complex challenges. With extensive experience in strategic execution, operational management, and team development, she excels at driving real change in business processes and online engagement. Katie Beth has a talent for connecting data and systems that were not meant to work together, enabling seamless operations. Currently leading as Vice President of Client Solutions at PayIt, she is dedicated to simplifying government operations and scaling business obstacles for both current and future government clients. Join Katie Beth's session to gain valuable insights from her expertise in driving successful government transformations.
Nadia Davis
Sr. Director, Revenue Marketing and MarOps | PayIt
Nadia Davis, MBA, is a visionary performance marketer in the B2B and B2G data and technology space. With a passion for designing holistic, non-conventional omni-channel ABM strategies, she excels in leveraging MarOps excellence to drive meaningful contributions to the sales pipeline. With extensive experience in building ABM frameworks from scratch, Nadia possesses invaluable insights into initiating powerful ABM journeys. As a leader, Nadia advocates for creating effective, technology-centric marketing teams united by a shared vision of success. This symposium is a testament to her leadership, as she has played a pivotal role in orchestrating its success. Expect her exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication throughout the series.
Jim Weaver
Secretary for Information Technology / State CIO at State of North Carolina, State of North Carolina
Jim Weaver, representing the State of North Carolina, is a forward-thinking government leader with a passion for digital transformation. With years of experience, Jim is dedicated to enhancing government services and citizen engagement through innovative technology solutions. Join Jim at the Digital Government Symposium for invaluable insights into the future of public service excellence.
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