Community Thrive! Virtual Summit 2020


Scalable Communities. Associations that Connect.

Recent events have changed the way that we work and how we engage our customers and members. Online communities have become critical to the way organizations deliver value and bring people together when face-to-face interactions are extremely limited. Now is the time for association and community leaders to think about the long-term strategy for digital engagement far beyond the face of a global pandemic for a sustainable future. Community Thrive! Virtual Summit is Community by Association's inaugural virtual conference, bringing together thought leaders in the community and association space to give you the information and resources you need to create rock solid digital engagement strategies for online communities that scale!
Sessions in the Summit!
  • Keynote // 9:05am EDT // 1 Hour
    Impossible to Ignore: Cultivating Community in the Middle of Chaos
    KiKi L'Italien, CEO, Association Chat and Amplified Growth
  • Session 1 // 10:10am EDT // 1 hour
    Inclusivity: It's Not Just a Buzzword
    Maintaining positive, inclusive relationships is a core skill of modern onlin...
  • Session 2 // 11:15am EDT // 1 hour
    Riding the Line: Building Strong Member Relationships with Boundaries
    Kelly Schott, Lead Community Manager, The Community Roundtable
  • Session 3 // 12:45pm EDT // 1 hour
    Breaking Up is Hard to Do
    Volunteers, influencers, and ambassadors can be one of your community’s great...
  • Session 4 // 2:05pm EDT
    If You Question It...Ask!
    Carol Martinez, Entrepreneur and Growth Strategist
  • Session 5 // 2:55pm EDT // 1 hour
    Amplify Your Impact: Defining, Instrumenting, and Tracking Community KPI Metrics
    Chris Anderson, Director of Community Learning & Love, Guru