Volunteers, influencers, and ambassadors can be one of your community’s greatest assets. But when relationships sour or personalities turn toxic, things can quickly spiral out of control. In this session, we will explore key ways to manage these relationship challenges - how to know when it's time to cut ties, prepare for conflict, what to say, and potential aftershocks.

Before you cut ties, you’ll want to know:
- How to know when it’s time to part ways
- Damage control and protecting your community
- Basic legal considerations, communications, and documentation must-haves
- How to create a basic breakup conversation template
Rebecca Braglio
Senior Director Community Development, Health Union LLC
Recognized by Craigslist founder, Craig Newmark, as one of "7 Brilliant Women in Tech," Rebecca Braglio is a Senior Director of Community Development at Health Union. In a former life, Rebecca practiced as a criminal defense attorney and specialized in mental health cases and felony crimes. After volunteering at a local pet shelter, she shifted her focus from law to building community in the pet industry. With her background in law, community, mental health, ecommerce, and non-profit, Rebecca brings a unique perspective on growing communities, building relationships, and member engagement. When she isn’t busy building communities, she spends her free time surrounded by senior dogs