Ever wondered what your audience is thinking? Why some engage and others don’t? This session will teach you not to guess but ASK your community members and those interested in joining what their needs or pain points are. We will also focus on opportunities to start dialogues, focus groups, and survey tools to create sustainable, meaningful and collaborative communities for your business or subject offerings.
Carol Martinez
Carol Martinez has been an entrepreneur for ten years, focusing primarily on the life-changing impact of traditional and non-traditional education.

Carol’s worked with individual entrepreneurs who want to attract, engage, and retain customers to their business and build their brand. She helps her clients grow their business by examining their customer base through focus groups, surveys, and asking open-ended questions to obtain pertinent information to fulfill their needs.

Carol is bilingual in English and Spanish, which has been critical in helping the Latino community grow their business. Carol earned a Master of Science in higher education and administration from Drexel University.