We cannot be everything to everyone, nor should we aim to be. Building strong relationships is key to creating community value, and defining boundaries is key to creating quality interactions. This session will look at the quality versus quantity debate as well as how to prioritize engagement with your members.
Kelly Schott
Lead Community Manager, The Community Roundtable
With diverse community-related background, Kelly Schott brings her knowledge of on- and off-line communities to her role as lead community manager at The Community Roundtable.

Kelly began at The Community Roundtable as a community management fellow where she honed her skills in engaging with a community of practice of community professionals, creating and facilitating regular programming, and measuring community success. Since transitioning into her roles as a community manager and then lead community manager, she has delved into community research and continued to explore new avenues of community management.

Through her past experience in hyperlocal journalism, Kelly understands the importance of communication, moderation, authenticity, and being able to prove value in running a successful community program. As her first community position was a part of a team of two that ran a community with over 300,000 members, she also understands the benefits and struggles of working on a small team with many responsibilities. This is why Kelly believes in finding ways to work efficiently while not also sacrificing valuable engagement with members. She believes in making authentic connections with members while also thinking strategically about how to engage with them further as well as bring value to the overall community.