About This Webinar
Last year, we saw a mad scramble for agents to find safe and socially distant ways to continue to connect with clients, host open houses, and show homes to prospective clients. That’s when technology Zoomed in (literally) to become front and center in our lives, whether we knew how to use it or not!

Technology right now? It can feel a bit head-swimming and overwhelming. How do you cut through the time-wasters and get straight to what works? Fortunately, we’ve got some answers.

In an all-new, easy-to-understand online workshop, we’re taking hundreds of hours of research and breaking it down to give you the BEST technology tools you’ll need to stay connected, competitive, and even confident about your tech game so you can make 2021 your best year. 
  • The most vital technology tools you need for incredible listing conversations
  • How to take a virtual buyer presentation to the next level
  • The best apps and programs to securely send documents and get client's digital signatures
  • Digital tools that can help you ditch distractions and stay focused and organized 
  • What to use to create game-changing virtual tours, digital floor plans, and make your listings POP
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    Darryl Davis
    Darryl Davis has been a speaker and coach in the real estate business for more than 25 years. What makes him different? He's all about skills - the kind that not only help agents find success, but also a career worth smiling about. Want to generate more listing inventory, feel more authentic as an agent, and have more joy while doing it? Darryl is the real estate coach for the job!