Join Dale Sidebottom from Energetic Education and the Fitness Games Zone as he shares his top ten games and activities to use in the pool to generate fun, engagement and laughter.

Swimming can quite often be a lonely and individual sport, swimming up and down the black line day in day out. In today's webinar, we are excited to share some of the concepts and ideas Dale has created for schools and swim squads around the world on ways to bring a little fun to each swimming session.

The best part about today's webinar is that just about all ideas and concepts Dale shares with you require resources that you will already have. This means that you can go from watching this webinar straight to the pool and generate the fun, laughter and engagement that participants of all ages will love.

We only have 100 free seats available in the webinar. You can sign up and watch the reply within 48 hours if you sign up. After that, the course will be added to the extensive online professional development section of https://fitnessgameszone.com/ for our members only.
Dale Sidebottom
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