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Martin Fullard will lead a discussion with senior agency creative directors on how organisers can create an engaging hybrid event which takes into consideration the different needs of in-person and virtual delegates.
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    Tuesday, November 16, 2021 · 2:00 PM GMT
    Hosted by Ungerboeck and Mash Media, this webinar features a vibrant mix of guests reminiscing about their top 5 most memorable events, discussing current trends in the events industry as well as the industry’s overall development in the past few ...
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    Monday, November 15, 2021 · 4:00 PM GMT
    Audivita Studios CEO and Founder David Wolf and his leadership team will host this informative webinar event to share their insights and experience producing audiobooks and original podcast series in the fast-growing, international audio market. ...
  • Blank-5
    Thursday, October 14, 2021 · 10:00 AM BST
    After all these months do you feel like you have forgotten how to organise a stellar live event?

    Carlo Zoccali, Venue Director from Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre will lead the discussion with his expertise and explai...
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    Tuesday, September 14, 2021 · 2:00 PM BST
    Without knowing yet what lies ahead and without being able to say what kind of event will be dominant from now on. We are going to introduce a new scenario from a phygital perspective. For this we will look at the attendees, what are their particu...
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    Friday, September 10, 2021 · 9:40 AM BST
  • Blank-6
    Friday, September 10, 2021 · 9:40 AM BST
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    Thursday, July 1, 2021 · 4:00 PM BST
    Do you have questions about the future of global events? Collaborate Global, an events agency with offices in the UK and South Africa, share their trials, tribulations and learnings from their last year of delivering virtual and hybrid events inte...
  • Blank-2
    Thursday, June 17, 2021 · 12:00 PM BST
    How an editors role is evolving
    The shift in how communities are responding and engaging to news
    How Millennials and Gen Z are using tech to absorb content
    Is print due a huge comeback post pandemic digital overload
  • Blank-1
    Thursday, June 3, 2021 · 12:00 PM BST
    • Why professional communities create a sense of belonging
    • Why publishing has advantages – content, education, data
    • Importance of multiple formats (awards, research, peer networking, tools, SaaS, data..)
    • How the pandemic has moved events fro...
  • Blank-5
    Wednesday, May 19, 2021 · 12:00 PM BST
    The launch of the anticipated Global Industry Performance Review 2021 is nearly upon us, on May 19th the three main authors will give you an insight of what you can expect to find within this 200 page report. The presenters will be from jwc namely...
  • Thursday, May 6, 2021 · 1:20 PM BST
    As the prospect of live events becomes a reality, what are the key ingredients for arranging a Summer Party that really rocks. How can you combat any latent nervousness amongst your employees and create an event that’s worthy of a grand reunion b...
  • Thursday, April 29, 2021 · 4:00 PM BST
    Yvette and Nikki met by absolute chance at The PA Show in 2019 when Nikki was learning how to take her VA business to the next level. Yvette was nervous at delegating anything to anyone, but they hit it off straight away and have been working toge...
  • Blank-1
    Thursday, January 27, 2022 · 10:00 AM GMT
    In a world where data protection is such a prevalent issue – the tools at the disposal of any marketing or events professional to collect insight from their audience/visitors are becoming increasingly harder to find. What organisers could be doing...
  • Blank-1
    Tuesday, November 16, 2021 · 12:00 PM GMT
  • Blank-5
    Monday, August 2, 2021 · 11:00 AM BST
  • Blank-2
    Wednesday, July 21, 2021 · 3:00 PM BST
    With much of the talk about hybrid events purely theoretical, what will blending in-person audiences with online formats actually deliver? Join us for a fascinating debate into the elements needed to ensure future-facing events are fit for the tim...
  • Blank-3
    Wednesday, July 7, 2021 · 2:00 PM BST
  • Blank-5
    Wednesday, July 7, 2021 · 2:00 PM BST
  • Blank-5
    Tuesday, June 29, 2021 · 2:00 PM BST
  • Blank-1
    Tuesday, May 18, 2021 · 2:30 PM BST
  • Blank-4
    Thursday, April 22, 2021 · 12:00 PM BST
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