This talk explores the impact of the news on our mental health and the health of our society. It will show why solutions are a powerful antidote to many of the ills created by our “if it bleeds it leads” news culture and help us better understand why solutions journalism is the most demanded content by younger audiences. This talk will challenge this long held perceptions that solutions are trivial and instead show why, when solutions reporting is done well, it has the power to increase journalism standards, assist in holding power to account and help people feel more informed on the problems and challenges we face. It has also been shown to have the power to increase engagement and grow audiences, as well as better monetise them.
  • Future of the Newsroom
Jodie Jackson
Director, News Literacy Network
Jodie Jackson is the author of “You Are What You Read: why changing your media diet can change the world”. Jodie has spent the last ten years researching the damaging impact of the negativity bias in the news on our mental health and the health of our society, as well as investigating the impact of solutions-focused news. Jodie’s widely cited research has made her an influential figure within the movement for “Constructive Journalism”. Jodie writes for established and emerging news platforms; speaks on panels with leading thinkers, academics, and journalists; delivers workshops and training to journalists and educators, and regularly speaks at universities and media conferences around the world.
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