Join SmartFrame Technologies and the IAB in a future gazing session, hear predictions on the key drivers for the publishing and AdTech industries for 2022 and beyond.

Plus, learn more about SmartFrame’s new 'Game-Changing' Image-Streaming Technology that enables In-Image Contextual Targeting and Unrivalled Brand Protection.

In this session you’ll learn what the future may hold, specifically:

The demise of the cookie.

Exploring new revenue streams and the rise of contextual targeting.

The shift to the attention economy.

The growth of AI and its drawbacks in AdTech.

Increasing privacy regulation.

Demonstrations of ground-breaking new brand protection technology
and in-image adtech.

“The demise of the cookie places contextual advertising front and centre of the AdTech ecosystem. SmartFrame's first to market patented image-streaming technology represents a great step forward for contextual targeting'' the IAB.
  • AdTech and Revenue
Paul Smith
Global Publishing Director, SmartFrame