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The Tech For Good webinar is scheduled for the 29th of July 2021 at 3 pm Nairobi time, sponsored by Visa, Bolt, Flourish Ventures and GVG will discuss how technology can help with solutions to the growing problem of climate change with a focus on East Africa.

Tech for good is seen as powerful support in helping to provide a solution for sustainable living. According to a report from the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Deloitte, if deployed correctly, digital technology could help accelerate progress toward the SDGs by 22%

It is critical that every country worldwide plays a part in working towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) by 2030, but in Africa, the need is even direr. While Africa has contributed least to global emissions – just two to three percent, it is the most vulnerable continent to climate change.

While East Africa is on the frontline of currently feeling the effects of climate change, it does have the advantage of Nairobi now being regarded as a center for tech innovation

This means, besides digitalization transforming our economy, it also has the potential to deliver a greener and more sustainable future. Transport service providers are essential in addressing carbon emissions and the associated environmental concerns.

Digital platforms can use technology to achieve a more sustainable transport system. An efficient transport system will lessen the need for private cars. The use of electric and hybrid cars, scooters and other forms of sustainable transport options within cities can accelerate the use of renewable energies and sustainable transportation.

Fintech and payment solutions and platforms can help drive the economy to become more inclusive and socially diverse. Data is extremely vital in understanding and monitoring current situations in a range of sectors so we can accurately understand the problem and build a plan that is easily monitored and analyzed to provide solutions.

It makes sense that Africa can leverage some home-grown tech solutions to help offset some of the challenges that climate change will bring to the continent. Potential avenues for this include the development of smart cities and homes; smart transport options; and clean power amongst others.

The Tech for Good Webinar is a great opportunity for anyone in the tech sector to listen in and see how they could solve some of the problems we are currently facing with climate change.
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