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FREE Webinar on Materia Medica of Platina, Palladium & Gratiola

October 26, 2017 at 01:00:00 PM · Mumbai
By Enlightenment Education (4.4 stars · 51 reviews )
About This Webinar

The trio of platina, palladium & gratiola are pre-eminently womens’ remedies.

They are especially suited to hysterical women such as have undergone fright, prolonged excitement, or from disappointment, shock, or prolonged hemorrhages.

She becomes arrogant and haughty. "Changing moods, gay and sad alternately."

One of the most striking characteristics of these drugs is pride and over-estimate of one’s self. They imagine that they are from a royal family and that their friends and relatives are commoners and look down upon them.

In homeopathy, Platina has been used to heal women's health conditions since long and the practice continues even till this date.

No matter how much praise they may get, it is never enough. They have an insatiable hunger for flattery, not only for praise but really for flattery. That’s Palladium for you.
Gratiola officinalis, the "The Herb of Grace." has Mental troubles from overweening pride.

In this online webinar Dr. Jawahar Shah, would be sharing the practical clinical uses of the remedies ‘Platina, Palladium and Gratiola’ and their excellent results through a spectrum of conditions in women’s health and more.

He would be covering following important aspects in this webinar.
a. Understanding the trio of remedies in depth
b. Removing uterine or sexual complaints in a Case
c. Cases of Platina, Palladium and Gratiola
d. Cases of hysterical women
e. Evolution and drug picture of Platina, Palladium and Gratiola
f. Flow chart of Platina, Palladium and Gratiola

Dr. Shah has relieved 100s’ of a spectrum of cases ranging from toddlers to Women’s issues and more in the last 40 years of practice. During this presentation, he would be sharing how the remedies have been a valuable and indispensable remedies and how it has shown striking results especially in hysterical and emotionally affected women. This webinar will make you richer in knowledge and you will take back valuable jewels of these striking remedies, Platina, Palladium and Gratiola.

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Dr. Jawahar Shah, M.D. in Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. Successfully treated more than 10,000 cases of various different conditions of all age groups.

Dr. Shah has cured many patients...
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Enlightenment Education webinar platform hosts FREE Webinar on Materia Medica of Platina, Palladium & Gratiola
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Brilliant webinar. Thank you so much.
Murray Rushmere
When will I be able to watch the recording. I missed the live weninar
Very very slow to start,audio and video quality is very bad,Content is very boring.
Tania Jovanovska
This recording is not yet available.
Tania Jovanovska
I missed this webinar too.
Barbara Taylor
I missed this webinar too. Is there going to be a recording to watch?
Laura Sholtz
Cannot attend. The system check says it failed.