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Somatic Expression of Psychological Disorders & its Management

Fri, Oct 19, 2018 · 10:00 PM · IST
About This Webinar

Many times patients walk in our OPDs with stacks of files and in a very frustrated tone full of despair talk of their inability to get relief with any measures they try. Or patients present in the casualty with altered consciousness, convulsion like symptoms, paralysis of limbs without any obvious neurological pathology, difficulty in breathing, spasm of the limbs, etc. There are no patho-physiological changes but there are series of symptoms which excites us to give immediate complete medical attention.

A prone individual unable to maintain balance when going through stresses or conflicts or an internal turmoil ends up with symptoms in the form of somatic expressions. Would this be attributed to some form as of emotional suppression?

Since Homoeopaths are blessed with the skills to receive this altered sensitivity and philosophy arms them through identifying the predisposing, maintaining and exciting causes, they have the potential of becoming good ‘Healers’.

Extent of the problem: Somatization Disorder is seen in all the ages and in both the sexes but more prevalent in females. It is more common in children of 10-15 yrs and adults between late 30-40 yrs.

Managing these is not as easy as it may appear from the above!! So a Homoeopath has challenges at multiple levels.

What you will learn in this webinar:

1. How to diagnose the clinical condition?
2. How to perceive the underlying dynamics?
3. What skills / Techniques are required to unearth the problem and planning for solution?
4. How to differentiate the overlapping symptoms while selecting the similimum?
5. How to arrive at totality where symptoms are not available in straight way?
6. How is Homoeopathic management to be planned?

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• She is regularly invited as a speaker in various seminars held on different psychiatric conditions such as Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Children related issues and addictions.
• Dr. Sunita Nikumbh is working in Child Psychiatry OPD since 2003 at MLDMHI
• She has conducted many Community Activities in School Mental Health programmers from 2007-2016, De-addiction programme and alcohol awareness programmes, Adolescent’s issues and many more.
• She has also conducted Stress- Management Sessions for various corporate Industries.
• She is on the Editorial Board of National Journal of Homoeopathy.
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