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All Webinars: Learn Homeopathy Without Limits

Mon, Dec 6, 2021 · 10:02 AM · IST
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Register to the pack of 200+ Homeopathy courses and get learning material equivalent to 30 Seminars and watch them sitting at your home!



What’s included in the Learning Pack?

  • 200+ webinar courses. Our NEW & on-going Mission 5000 course (108 webinars) is included!

  • 500+ high quality video presentations. Watch them anytime.

  • 100+ ACHENA & AROH approved webinars. Your CPD/CEUs are taken care.

  • 100+ best homeopathy teachers and clinicians. Practical learning assured!

  • Assessments & Quizzes. Check your progress.

  • Certificates. Download and produce it to your board.

Validity of Webinars

All webinars are valid and accessible for lifetime.


Where to Find My Webinars/Courses?

After the successful registration, you will be presented with the first webinar session in this screen. Rest of your sessions will be accessible from the section 'My Courses'.

'My Courses' section can be accessed from the top right menu(for computer browsers) or from the left side menu (for mobile browsers). 

Please note: You will also recieve an email with login details. Please use these login details to login and watch the webinars.


Courses & Webinars included in this Pack

Course Name/Webinar

No. of Webinars

Mission 5000 Course Series  NEW 


Soul of Repertory and Repertorization  Popular 


Homeopathy Heals


Management of Psychiatric Conditions with Homeopathy


Evolutionary Materia Medica


Unfolding Miasms - Psora, Sycosis, Tubercular & Syphilitic


Pneumonia and Its Homeopathic Management


International Integrative COVID-19 Patient Management Webinar


One Voice - A Webinar Series on COVID-19


Group Study on Carbon, Spider & Snake Remedies


Art of Selection of Remedy and Potency Repetition


Homeopathic Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder


Practical approach in managing Autism in children


Remedies having impact on mind Ayahusca, Anhalonium & Cannabis Indica


Role of Homeopathy in Normal Delivery


Evolutionary Materia Medica of Lycopodium


Webinar on Materia Medica of Platina, Palladium & Gratiola


Understanding of Medorrhinum - antisycotic, anti-miasmatic remedy


Case Solution & Repertorization of cases using Software (Bonus Sessions)




Jeremy Sherr, Dana Ullman, Dr. Jawahar Shah, Dr. Yogesh Sehgal, Dr. Jayesh Bellare, Ing. Petr Hoffmann, Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor, Dr. B.T. Rudresh, Dr. Ian Luepker, Dr. Kathleen Schieble, Dr. Girish Gupta, Ashley Ross, Dr. Nimish Shukla, Dr. Rahul Joshi, Dr. Surjit Singh Makker, Dr. Pravin Kumar, Dr. John Millar, Dr. Mansoor Ali, Dr. Nikunj Trivedi, Cathy May Lemmon, Alastair Gray, Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, Dr. Joseph Kellerstein, Dr. Kumar Dhawale, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala and many more.   



Check the content and presentation of our webinar courses yourself!


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Dr. Jawahar Shah , M.D. in Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. Successfully treated many cases of Bronchial Asthma and Autism.

Dr. Shah has cured many patients purely with Classical Homoeopathic approach in the last 40 years of his practice. He specializes in the treatment of Bronchial Asthma, Behavioral and Psychiatric problems of children and Management of Cancer patients.

He is an academician and has lectured at more than 500 Seminars in 22 countries in the last 30 years and is a contributor to various National and International Scientific Journals in the form of articles and research papers.

Dr. Shah has been associated with the setting up of various Educational institutions in the country and abroad, most notably Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in London that offers a Post-Graduate course in Homeopathy.

He further believes that one should keep on updating their knowledge and learning irrespective of age. Dr. Shah is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Drug Proving. Even today, in spite of garnering immense knowledge and expertise, his thirst for learning continues.

For his excellent contribution towards homeopathy, he has been rightly honored with several awards such as Medscapeindia Award in 2012, Dag Hammarskjold International Award for Alternative Medicine 1989, Homoeopaths Of The Millennium award, Dr. Nigam's award for excellence in Homoeopathic world in 2005, Homoeo Chikitsa Ratna Award to name few.
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