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Alcohol addiction and Withdrawal & Management

Fri, Oct 12, 2018 · 10:00 PM · IST
About This Webinar

People suffering from alcohol addiction deserve the chance to be helped.Confronting alcohol problems is difficult, but can be an important step towards recovery and the chance to live a healthier life.

We come across many patients who either suffered from complications because of effects of Alcohol, intoxication or withdrawal effects whenever they drink in excess or stop suddenly for any reason. Many are brought in some or other medical emergency like CVA, TIA and withdrawal gradually develops.

The entire family of alcoholics suffer in terms of financial and emotional burden.

Homoeopathic care can contribute its might to reduce the ill effects of alcohol abuse for patients, their families and the society.

Dr.Sunita Nikumbh has conducted many De-addiction programme and alcohol awareness programme. The aim of this webinar is to recognise alcohol withdrawal symptoms and homeopathic intervention in such cases.

Learning Objectives:

What is Alcohol withdrawal
Extent and Effects of Alcohol
Current statistics across the globe and in India
Common expressions of Alcohol withdrawal
Approach for to be followed in general and in specific
Role and Effects of Homeopathic Intervention
Role of Homoeopath in serving the community for Holistic cure
What challenges Homeopath faces and how to overcome those

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Main Presenter
Practitioner at Child Psychiatry OPD since 2003 at MLDMHI

MUHS approved P.G. teacher and Guide

Faculty , Reader in Department of Psychiatry at MLDMHI

Faculty in Geriatric Care giver course at MLDMHI

Coordinator – Psychology CME sponsored by AYUSH

Seminar and Workshop:

She is regularly invited as a speaker in various seminars held on different psychiatric conditions such as Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Children related issues and addictions.
Presented several cases of Acute and Chronic dimensions at ICR symposia at Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara

Invited speaker Sarla Sonawala Memorial Seminar held at Mumbai on Anxiety Disoders , Depressive Disorders , Children related issues
She has conducted many Community Activities in School Mental Health programmers from 2007-2016, De-addiction programme and alcohol awareness programmes, Adolescent’s issues and many more.

She has also conducted Stress- Management Sessions for various corporate Industries.

She is on the Editorial Board of National Journal of Homoeopathy.

Community Activities:

Worked in various departmental projects like School Mental Health from 2007-2016

Working on De-addiction programme since 2009 till date

Conducted many camps on Alcohol Awareness programme

Mental Health in School going children

Worked on Adolescent’s issues in S.M.Dandekar college, Palghar

Worked in Gender related issues in schools, Ashram schools around Palghar- Boisar

Conducted session from Trainers in National Social Service at Dahanu
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