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Unfolding Miasms - PSORA Session 1

Thu, Nov 9, 2017 · 10:30 PM · IST
About This Webinar

Hahnemann in Organon of Medicine stated, “The true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic miasm, when left to themselves, improper treatment, go on to increase, growing worse and torment the patient to the end of his life.”

This unique 4 session webinar series on Unfolding Miasms by Dr. Jawahar Shah portrays the thought behind the action of Miasms: Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis & Tubercular. Prescribing at the miasmatic level requires a great deal of training and experience but Identifying the miasmatic picture in your case will get easier with this homeopathic webinar.

Learning Objectives:


  • Concept of all the miasms: Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis and Tubercular

  • Study of behavioral pattern of the Four Miasms

  • Basic trait of Psora

  • Evolution of a Psoric child

  • Emotional, intellectual, subconscious, Scholastic performance, Sickness pattern of Psora miasm

  • Transition from Psora to other phases

  • Cases describing Psora as underlying miasm


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Dr. Jawahar Shah (MD, Hom), Homeopath & International Speaker, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years specialized in Bronchial Asthma, Behavioural and Psychiatric problems of children and Management of Cancer patients. He is an academician and has lectured at more than 500 Seminars in 22 countries in the last 30 years. Dr. Shah has been associated with the setting up of various Educational institutions all over the world.
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Enlightenment Education is a online homeopathy & medical educational course providers. Purpose of our online Webinars is to imbibe you with world-class knowledge and skills in homeopathy, and to provide you with confidence to prescribe the similimum in common and pathologically advanced diseases.
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