Membership and Marketing Virtual Event #3

This is the third session of a four part virtual event series.


Driving Meaningful Member Experiences Through Communications & Recordkeeping

In this presentation, you will learn about the importance of new members having mentors, as well as how to develop a plan for connecting with members that have demitted.

Learning Objectives:
1. Establish why accurate records is an essential practice for membership organizations
2. Institute timely processing of payments results in high satisfaction
3. Create a method of using communication preferences to engage all members.
4. Develop a Mentorship Program as a very important part of a new member orientation

Knowledge Level:
Foundational - Seminar provides introductory information, awareness and/or understanding of the topic and its relation to advancing the organization's goals.

Apprentice level certificate upon completion of the four virtual events.

Developing Your Why and Establishing a Winning Culture

This presentation explains the strategy of creating a winning organizational culture through member engagement, fraternal operations and advancing communications.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how the law of attraction can benefit you. To attract winners, you must be a winner
2. Develop events geared to attract different audiences
3. Equip the next generation to develop by welcoming younger members into roles of responsibility
4. Create a communication plan and keep the relevancy of the communications baseline

Topic Area: Business Operations / Leadership


Mission Critical Communications

This seminar will help keep your nobles engaged and informed by improving the internal communications of their temple, club, or unit.

Topic Area: Communications/Branding

Learning Outcomes:

1. Establish the importance of good internal communications in keeping members active and engaged.

2. Equip Nobles with ideas and techniques for improving internal communications including emails, temple publications, websites and social media.

3. Create effective communications surrounding your philanthrophy, Shriners Hospitals for Children.

4. Address crisis communications and how to handle them.

Knowledge Level:
Strategic - Seminar focuses on creativity and innovation of advanced areas that prepare attendees to design and implement a growth mindset at a local level.

Apprentice level certificate upon completion of the four virtual events.

Instructional Flow:
Questions, polls, offering examples of best practices, images/ slides brand, Shriners Children’s.

  • TBD
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English
  • Who can attend? Everyone
  • Dial-in available? (listen only): Not available.
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