Virtual Rocky Mountain Campus Safety Summit
About this Summit
The Rocky Mountain Campus Safety Summit is a regional and affordable conference for college and university administrators, faculty, staff, and students interested in improving their campus efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. The Rocky Mountain Campus Safety Summit will be held virtually, through a series of live and on-demand webinars, from June 16-25, 2021.

​Thanks to corporate and foundation sponsors and partnerships, we are able to keep the Rocky Mountain Campus Safety Summit registration fees extremely affordable. Our rationale is to encourage campuses to send multi-disciplinary teams to attend, increasing the impact of the Summit on every campus represented. We are committed to hosting a wide range of regional campus safety representatives at every Summit, while maintaining the highest quality conference of its kind.
  • Live Keynote Presentation
    A Conversation About Sex, Power, and Assault on College Campuses
  • Presenting Sponsor
    Title IX Obligations and Requirements: Lessons Learned since August 2020
  • Creating Faith Based Sexual Violence Programming at Religious Colleges and Universities
    Run-time: 66 min
  • Engaging and Supporting Generation Z in Fighting Violence Against Women
    Run-time: 57 Minutes
  • Race to Prevent Gender Violence on Your College Campus: A Sprint or Marathon?
    Run-time: 54 Minutes
  • The Birds and the Bees and Everything Not So Nice
    Run-time: 47 Minutes
  • Campus Based Advocacy: Evaluation, Implementation, and Effectiveness for Diverse Campus Contexts
    Run-time: 53 Minutes
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    Run-time: 65 Minutes
  • BRAVE SPACE: Preventing Violence Against LGBTQIA Populations via Empathy and Knowledge-Building
    Run-time: 46 Minutes
  • Training Athletes as Student Violence Prevention Educators: The Current Nightmare of Male Sports
    Run-time: 44 Minutes
  • So What, No What? Using Social Media Activism to Inform Power-Conscious Prevention of Gender-Based Violence
    Run-time: 37 Minutes
  • Out of the Locker Room and Chapter House and into the Classroom
    Run-time: 65 Minutes
  • Beyond Compliance: Equitable and Effective Interventions in Campus Violence
    Run-time: 51 Minutes