Stonebranch Online 2021

The Stonebranch Online Education Forum is a virtual webinar series designed for all customers, partners, and IT automation enthusiasts from IT Ops, DevOps, DataOps, Platform Ops and Cloud Ops across the globe. Sessions include major industry trends overview from executive thought leaders, success stories from leading global enterprises, live use case demos, Stonebranch product roadmap, a panel discussion with Stonebranch developers, and more.
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  • Roadmap Update
    Opening Keynote: From Automation to Orchestration Roadmap Update
    September 28
  • Industry Expert Session
    Eckerson Group: Using DataOps Methodologies to Orchestrate Your Data Pipelines
    You’ve probably heard the phrase DataOps. Isn’t it just DevOps, but for data?...
  • Stonebranch Expert Session
    How to Use UAC to Orchestrate Your Big Data Pipelines
    October 5
  • Industry Expert Session
    Master Your Hybrid IT Environment in a Multi-Cloud World
    October 7
  • Success Story Session
    A CIO’s POV: Automating Operations at Makedonski Telekom
    Join Miroslav Jovanović, CIO of Makedonski Telekom, part of Deutsche Telekom ...
  • Success Story Session
    BP’s Cloud-First Approach with SaaS-Based Workload Automation
    Join Massimo Leoni from BP, a global innovator in integrated energy, as he di...
  • Stonebranch Expert Session
    Connecting UAC with any IT System in Your Hybrid IT Environment
    With the exponential growth of applications and platforms in use throughout y...
  • Stonebranch Expert Session
    What’s New in UAC V 7.1
    UAC version 7.1 is generally available on September 30th. Join this session,...
  • Success Story Session
    DevOps Strategies: Jobs-as-Code or GUI-Based Lifecycle Management?
    This session is for developers, IT ops, or data teams who want to fuse the Un...
  • Stonebranch Expert Session
    Developer Round Table
    Join the conversation in this virtual roundtable with Stonebranch developers ...

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