You’ve probably heard the phrase DataOps. Isn’t it just DevOps, but for data? Not quite.

Look a little closer with Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at Eckerson Group, a leading data analytics-focused research and consulting firm. He’ll offer a better definition of DataOps and explore how it’s driving significant change for leading organizations. You’ll see how data teams, developers, and IT Ops work together to apply DataOps methodologies to design, implement, and manage end-to-end data flows.

During this session, you’ll learn:

• What DataOps is (and isn’t).
• How enterprises apply DataOps practices to achieve CI/CD in their data pipelines.
• Which technologies DataOps teams leverage at different stages of maturity.
Thu, Sep 30, 2021 · 9:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada) (GMT -4:00)
Kevin Petrie
Vice President of Research, Eckerson Group
Kevin Petrie is Vice President of Research at Eckerson Group, a global research and consulting firm that focuses solely on data analytics. Mr. Petrie has invested 25 years in technology — as an industry analyst, writer, instructor, product marketer, and services leader. His passion is to decipher what technology means to business leaders and practitioners.
Scott Davis
Global VP of Marketing
Nadia Davis (Session Moderator)
Sr. Marketing Manager - Global Campaigns
Nadia is a seasoned technology marketer with experience spanning healthcare technology, data technology, InsurTech, and FinTech. She works with Product, Engineering, and Development teams to help tell complex technology stories in a value-driven, easy-to-understand way. Nadia holds an MBA from West Texas A&M University.
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