UAC version 7.1 is generally available on September 30th. Join this session, led by Colin Cocksedge, to learn about this latest update.

Topics covered include new UAC feature highlights:

• Universal Integration Platform Developer Tools
• Platform Support Changes
• New Workload Automation Capabilities
• Lifecycle Management Updates
• Security Enhancements
• User Interface Updates
• New and Enhanced Web Service APIs

Lastly, learn more about new features, gain actionable insights, and discover best practices.
Colin Cocksedge
Director of Product Management, Stonebranch
Colin Cocksedge is Director of Product Management at Stonebranch, where he is responsible for driving the product strategy of Stonebranch, with a strong focus on maximizing the business value of Stonebranch's software portfolio in the field of workload automation. Mr. Cocksedge joined Stonebranch in the year 2000. He has held various positions within the company’s technical organization, from the Pre-Sales and Technical Service departments to Product Management.
Lauren Tancini (Session Moderator)
Marketing Manager, Stonebranch
Lauren Tancini is a Marketing Manager at Stonebranch, where she is responsible for event communications, corporate newsletters, social media, and the Integrations Hub marketplace. She has years of experience working in customer marketing and communications for tech companies like Aptos Retail, Avolin, and Aptean.
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