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About This Forum

The Information Technology-Cost Analysis Solutions Team (IT-CAST) presents the 2021 Joint IT and Software Cost Forum being held VIRTUALLY 14 – 17 September 2021. This year’s event is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National-Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

Have you ever wanted to hear from other Program Managers and their experience delivering applications in an agile environment? Ever wondered why or how cost analysis could help you manage an IT program? Are you interested in building a network with program managers, technologist and cost analysts? If so, the Joint IT and Software Cost Forum is for you!

Our forums' mission is to build coalitions across Federal agencies by bringing together Program Managers, Technologists and Cost Analysts and sharing successes, challenges and best practices to solve information technology, software and cost estimating challenges.
Sessions in this Forum
  • Opening Remarks & "Fireside Chat" with Mr. Dave Spirk (OSD DoD CDO) & Mr. Greg Little (OSD OUSD DCFO)
    The CDO and DCFO will discuss their partnership to develop advanced and executive analytics for the Deputy Secretary of Defense (DSD)... View more
  • An Introduction to the Advana Platform
  • Let's SiSE Agile Program Requirements!
    Quickly and efficiently sizing the development effort for agile software programs is a challenge for many IT programs. The Departmen... View more
  • Q&A Panel - Formation of Collective & Accessible Data Applications - NSA
  • Release Planning and Integrated Scheduling
  • Bridging the Gap between Data Science and Cost Analysis
  • Opening Remarks & Keynote - Mr. Eric Goldstein (Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity/DHS CISA)
  • Machine Learning, Parametrics, and Integrated Risk Analytics for Cost and Schedule
  • Contracting for Flexibility (Agile Development)
    With the rapidly changing world of Information Technology, it is critical to ensure our development processes and underlying contract... View more
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and Costing
  • Inherent Risk and Uncertainty of Self-Similar Sizing Scales in Agile Software Development
    "Does This T-Shirt Make My Estimate Look Big?" In Agile estimating and planning, self-similar scales such as Planning Poker, Fibonac... View more
  • Preparing for Software Negotiations: Adding Value Through the IGCE Process
    Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCEs) are crucial to determining fair and reasonable pricing of vendor proposals, but their i... View more
  • Opening Remarks & Keynote - Mr. Neal Ziring (NSA Technical Director)
  • DoD’s Software Acquisition Pathway:  Digital Delivery at the Speed of Relevance
    Provide an overview of DoD’s Software Acquisition Pathway based on modern commercial practices and how it is transforming the way tha... View more
  • DevSecOps Software Factory Cost Estimation: Squaring the Circle
  • Fireside chat with Brian Campo - Deputy Chief Technology Officer of DHS
  • Updated Life Cycle Cost Estimating Factors for Cybersecurity in IT Systems
  • Integration of High Frequency Data for Estimating Costs
  • Opening Remarks & Keynote - Ms. Sylvia Burns (FDIC CIO)
  • Customer-Driven Thinking for IT Projects
  • The Evolving Role of the Software Cost Estimator
  • The Significance of Requirements Quality on Costs and how to improve Estimates with Automated Requirements QA
  • Get to the Point. What’s the Deal with Different Function Points Methodologies?
  • Adopting a Data Science Paradigm: Merging Traditional Cost Methodologies with Computational Analysis
  • Jobs Board
    Monday, September 13, 2021 · 10:30 PM EDT