Inversions, Deep Flexibility And Strength Training

About This Summit

This monthly series offers a unique, sustainable approach to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength the body by intentionally building heat and then releasing tension through stretching. In this program, you'll be guided through isolated movements to create space and improve muscle memory.

Each class focuses on a different area of the body.Through focusing on your back, shoulders, legs, and hips, you will increase your flexibility while gaining full-body control.

As you move deeper into your physical practice, creating flexibility with intention, focus, patience, and strength are essential. Whether you are hoping to loosen tight muscles or steady hypermobile joints, this comprehensive set of classes will help you stretch, stabilize, and strengthen your body.

Strength and flexibility are the foundations of great inversions.
We will explore different drills to fully understand the alingment and foundations of headstand, forearm stand and handstand.
Sessions in this Summit
  • SUN 5/02 - 12 PM EST
    Headstand Variations Workshop
    Sunday, May 2, 2021 · 12:00 PM EDT
  • WED 5/05 - 10 AM EST
    Ladder flow for Strength and Flexbility 1
  • MON 5/10 - 12 PM EST
    Strong Core Flow
  • WED 5/12 - 10 AM EST
    Ladder flow for Strength and Flexbility 2
  • FRI 05/14 - 10 AM EST
    Flexibility Flow for your Hamstrings
  • SUN 05/16 - 12 PM EST
    Forearmstand Workshop
  • TUE 05/18 - 12 PM EST
    Headstand Workshop
  • WED 5/19 - 10 AM EST
    Ladder flow for Strength and Flexbility 3
  • FRI 05/21 - 10 AM EST
    Strong Core Flow 2
    This dynamic flow class will challenge your core in ways you never dreamed of! We’ll create strength across your entire midline using... View more
  • MON 5/24 - 10AM EST
  • TUE 5/25 - 12 PM EST
    Handstand Foundations Workshop
  • WED 5/26 - 10 AM EST
    Ladder flow for Strength and Flexbility 4
    Ladder Flows take the best from traditional Vinyasa flows and stacked movements to create a strong, sweaty and fun practice! Each cl... View more
  • THU 5/27 - 12 PM EST
    Invert your backbend
  • FRI 5/28 - 10 AM EST
    Flexibility Flow Hips and Shoulders

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