1st International Industrial AI Applications Summit

Where in industrial processing and machinery is AI already being used?

About This Summit

The goal of the event is to showcase real industrial AI deployments with proven business benefits and to explain how machine–human collaboration has helped to optimize industrial processes and innovate new industrial products.
Sessions in this Summit
  • Keynote 1: Industrial AI
  • User assistance system (UAS) in specialty glass production
  • Drones to predict faults at wind turbines
  • AI-driven process monitoring and simulation in additive manufacturing
  • Overview of physical analytics research with focus on semiconductor manufacturing applications
  • Panel 1: Technology, project challenges and solutions
  • Keynote 2: Introduction of Industrial AI with Applications - Systematic Approach
  • Control Theory meets Artificial Intelligence: Safe AI-driven Industrial Process Control
    Dr. Marco Gallieri, Sr. Researcher NNAISENSE <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RcgtyzZtGfw" frame... View more
  • Continental’s IT infrastructure for AI projects
  • Enhancing AI across the Intelligent Edge Ecosystem Architecture
  • Fog AI – Foxconn’s Industrial AI platform
  • Fireside Chat with Prof. Jay Lee: State of Industrial AI
  • Keynote 3: smartFactory - Use of AI in Industry 4.0
  • State of AI in industrial processing – Hype vs. reality and Human-Machine collaboration trends
  • Industrial Plant of the Future: How Control + AI Technology Improve Operations
  • How to fast-track your AI projects with state-of-the-art ML services
  • NVIDIA’s perspective on Industrial AI & Transformative Industrial AI use cases
  • Panel 3: How to integrate AI projects into your enterprise?