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Jonathan Masci, Co-founder NNAISENSE
Wed, Mar 24, 2021 · 9:00 AM Bern (GMT 1:00)
  • Learn how AI helps speciality glass production
  • How to build a data driven 3rd generation digital twin of the production process
  • AI driven control recommendations for 10% increased quality
  • Analysis of important features for deep insights in how the process works
  • User Assistance System deployed on the cloud with continuous updates and the road to full autonomy.
Jonathan Masci
Co-founder NNAISENSE
Jonathan leads our deep learning team’s quest for the simplest and most general model to rule them all. He is a pioneer in geometric deep learning which extends neural networks beyond computer vision and speech recognition to structured problems in biology, chemistry, and physics. Left handed and pragmatic, in his spare time he is also Italian, works to travel, and suspects no AI will ever be able to explain why pineapple on pizza is even a thing.