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In this Fireside Chat Ralf Haller, EVP Sales & Marketing, NNAISENSE will discuss with Prof. Jay Lee, Vice Chairman and Board Member of Foxconn.
Thu, Mar 25, 2021 · 3:00 PM Bern (GMT 1:00)
Prof. Jay Lee
Vice Chairman and Board Member of Foxconn
He is Founding Director of NSF I/UCRC on Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS). Since 2000, IMS has been working with over 100 global companies in the areas of prognostics, industrial Big Data, and Industrial AI, etc. He is also Founding Director of Industrial AI Center. Currently, he is on leave to serve as Vice Chairman of Foxconn Technology Group. He was selected by SME as 30 visionary leaders in smart manufacturing in 2016 and 20 most influential professors in smart manufacturing in 2020.
Ralf Haller
EVP Sales & Marketing NNAISENSE
I love high-tech business and am involved since now nearly 10 years in AI/ML. First bringing global AI deep-tech firms to high-tech events in CH and now exporting AI engineering services outside of CH with many non-CH world-class engineers and scientists at nnaisense.
In my pre-AI/ML life, I lived and worked in HK and China, and Silicon Valley. There I was working in product management with the startup team that developed the first Gigabit Ethernet Switch/Router with WAN capabilities integrated. I studied Electrical Engineering with a specialization in telecom and RF systems and later on in data engineering.