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Prof. Dragan Djurdjanovic, Professor at University of Texas at Austin
Wed, Mar 24, 2021 · 2:00 PM Bern (GMT 1:00)
Dragan Djurdjanovic
Professor at University of Texas at Austin
Dragan Djurdjanovic research interests include advanced quality and process control in multistage manufacturing systems, intelligent proactive maintenance techniques and applications of advanced signal processing in biomedical engineering. He is the director of The University of Texas site of the NSF Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (I-UCRC) on Intelligent Maintenance Systems and is the director of the Laboratory for Physical Analytics at The University of Texas at Austin. He co-authored 70 journal publications, 9 book chapters and more than 30 refereed conference publications. He is a Fellow of the International Society for Engineering Asset Management, Associate Member of the International Academy for Production Research (CIRP).