Chief Product Officer Virtual Conference

About This Virtual Conference

Chief Product Officer Virtual 2020, #CPO2020 scheduled for 7th – 8th October will be the first International live (online) conference, organized by Cognitive Links which will bring experienced speakers both from regional and international companies to discuss current trends, challenges and how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will transform product management in the future. Whether you have an existing product team or looking to develop one, #CPO2020 will have presentations for you and the whole team.
Sessions in this Virtual Conference
  • Presentation by
    Mike Sherman & Alex Sherman
    Industry Expert, Hong Kong & Data Scientist, Deloitte, United States
  • Presentation by
    Paul Meinshausen
    Co-Founder at Aampe, Singapore
  • Presentation by
    Dr Liron Nehmadi
    Chief Product Officer, Catch Group, Australia.
  • Presentation by
    David R. Hardoon
    Senior Adviser for Data and Artificial Intelligence, UnionBanks of the Philippines
  • Presentation by
    Laurin Lukas Stahl
    Senior Product Manager at Fave, Malaysia
  • Presentation by
    Guiam Wainwright
    Head of Product, Panalyt, Singapore
  • Presentation by
    Manoj Awasthi
    VP of Engineering, Tokopedia, Indonesia
  • Presentation by
    Mike Dickinson
    Chief Product Officer at Brankas, Singapore
  • Presentation by
    Niko Questera
    Chief Product Officer, Ekrut, Ex- Tesla, Indonesia
  • Presentation by
    Shesh Vasudevamurthy
    Product Management Leader and Executive Coach, India
  • Presentation by
    Vipin Sharma
    Global Head of Products, Circles.Life, Singapore
  • Presentation by
    Ajay Datta
    Head of Product, LinkedIn, India
  • Presentation by
    Carmen Oprea
    VP of Product, HappyFresh, Singapore
  • Presentation by
    Hendro Riyadi
    Vice President of Product, Bukalapak, Indonesia
  • Product Thought Leaders' Panel Discussion
  • Chief Product Officer Live Workshop