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Presentation by - Paul Meinshausen

About This Webinar

In this session Paul Meinshausen - Co-Founder at Aampe, Singapore will share a presentation on Experiment to grow, don't optimize.

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Co-Founder at Aampe, Singapore
Paul Meinshausen is a globally experienced data, product, and software executive
and is Data Scientist in Residence at Montane Ventures, an early-stage venture
capital fund based in India. He is a co-founder of PaySense, a mobile fintech startup
based in Mumbai, and was Chief Data Officer at the company until February
2017. Paul has a research background in behavioral science and was a Data
Scientist for Social Good Fellow at the University of Chicago, a researcher in the
Department of Psychology at Harvard University and a Fulbright Scholar at the
Middle East Technical University in Turkey.
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Cognitive Links webinar platform hosts Presentation by - Paul Meinshausen
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