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Presentation by - Niko Questera

About This Webinar

In this session Niko Questera - Chief Product Officer, Ekrut, Ex- Tesla from Indonesia will share a presentation on Balancing top-down and bottom-up approaches when building product roadmap.

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Chief Product Officer, Ekrut, Ex- Tesla, Indonesia
Niko is leading EKRUT, a tech recruitment startup’s Product and Design team, whose
main responsibility is to optimize the hiring experience for Indonesia’s tech talents
and employers. Before returning to Indonesia almost 2 years ago, he served as a
Senior Engineer in Tesla and Honda where he accumulated experience in Automotive
manufacturing, Automated Processes, Product Integration, Firmware, Software,
Hardware, Diagnostics, Service, Testing, Quality and Continuous Improvement. His
interests include cool vehicles, renewable energy, top-notch manufacturing and
recently, urban farming. He also manages communities of a new anonymous forum
for Indonesia's professionals to stay updated with trends
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