13th National Conference: Pupil Premium & Ofsted

Monday, 18th & Tuesday 19th February 2021 | 2.30-6.00pm

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Thank you to everyone who took part in the live sessions on Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th January 2021.

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Sessions in this Online Conference
  • Day 1 | 18th January 2020 | 2.30-3.25pm
    Keynote: Effective Pupil Premium practices: Lessons from across England
    Day 1 begins with a cross-phase Keynote from Marc Rowland, author of A Practi...
  • Day 1 | 18th January 2020 | 3.25-3.50pm
    MyTutor - Narrowing the attainment gap with online tuition
    Richard Angus, My Tutor
  • Day 1 | 18th January 2020 | 3.50-4.20pm
    Keynote: Nine years of research evidence and the Pupil Premium
    Professor Becky Francis
  • Day 1 | 18th January 2020 | 5.00-6.00pm
    Cross-Phase: Pastoral support, Pupil Premium and successful pupil outcomes
    Adele Bates
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 2.30-3.15pm
    PRIMARY | How all children can benefit from Pupil Premium spending
    Nerys Thornton & Mike Foster
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 2.30-3.15pm
    SECONDARY | Study skills, learning habits and parental engagement
    Jon Tait
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 3.15-3.40pm
    MyTutor - School spotlight: Duchess’s Community School
    Diane Murphy & Richard Angus
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 3.40-4.20pm
    PRIMARY: Ofsted: Inspection under the new Education Inspection Framework - Helen Frostick
    Day 2, session 2 of the Primary stream is from Helen Frostick who will explor...
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 3.40-4.20pm
    SECONDARY | Ofsted
    Helen Everitt & Ryan Sallows
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 4.20-5.00pm
    PRIMARY | Identifying barriers to learning, including for SEND and complex needs
    Dr Donna Chambers
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 4.20-5.00pm
    SECONDARY | Cultural capital and the Ofsted EIF
    Matt Bromley
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 5.25-6.00pm
    PRIMARY | Outdoor learning and effective SEND work to tackle inequality
    Rachel Peart & Laura Robinson
  • Day 2 | 19th January 2020 | 5.25-6.00pm
    SECONDARY | Tackling common wellbeing and pastoral challenges
    Grace Kelly