Recorded Tue, January 19, 2021 11:24 am (EST)
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    Day 2, session 3 of the Primary stream is from Dr Donna Chambers who will look at identifying barriers to learning, including for SEND and complex needs.

    There are clear links between SEND and the Pupil Premium. Meeting the needs of pupils with complex SEND is a challenging agenda for schools and when you add in overcoming barriers to attainment due to deprivation, it is difficult to know where to start. Sometimes we have to put the child's primary SEN to one side and explore the additional barriers, including sensory needs, emotional wellbeing, our partnership with parents, and the triggers of behaviour and communication difficulties. This sounds relatively straightforward, but trying to do this while ensuring that our disadvantaged pupils, in particular those with SEND, access an ambitious curriculum alongside their peers adds another layer of challenge.

    In this workshop, Dr Donna Chambers will draw on her experience as a primary school headteacher, special school executive headteacher and her recent EdD research into these crucial areas of education to offer best practice reflections and advice for primary or special schools in the context of the Pupil Premium agenda.
  • Agenda
    • 2.30pm | PRIMARY: Dispelling the myth that only eligible children can benefit from Pupil Premium spending - Mike and Nerys
    • 3.40pm | PRIMARY: Ofsted - Inspection under the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) - Helen Frostick
    • 4.20pm | PRIMARY: Identifying barriers to learning, including for SEND and complex needs - Dr Donna Chambers
    • 5.25pm | PRIMARY & EYFS: Using outdoor learning and effective SEND work to tackle inequality - Sarah Wassell & Laura Robinson
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