Recorded Tue, January 19, 2021 11:27 am (EST)
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    London (GMT 0:00)
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    Day 2, session 3 of the Secondary stream will see Matt Bromley explore cultural capital and the Ofsted EIF.

    This workshop will explore the role that “knowledge and cultural capital" plays in the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework. Former school leader and SecEd editorial board member Matt Bromley will explore what Ofsted says about cultural capital, what cultural capital is and why it is important, and why some students – often those on the Pupil Premium – lack cultural capital. More importantly, Matt will then discuss what, practically, schools can do to develop cultural capital and level the field for disadvantaged students.

    How can cultural capital be embedded in a knowledge-rich curriculum? What practical next steps can school leaders take on their return to school? This will be a session full of ideas for whole-school and classroom-level interventions/strategy.
  • Agenda
    • 2.30pm | SECONDARY: Study skills, learning habits and parental engagement - Jon Tait
    • 3.40pm | SECONDARY: Ofsted and the Pupil Premium: Inspection under the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) - Helen Everitt & Ryan Sallows
    • 4.20pm | SECONDARY: Cultural capital and the Ofsted EIF - Matt Bromley
    • 5.25pm | SECONDARY: Tackling the common wellbeing and pastoral challenges facing Pupil Premium students - Grace Kelly
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