This seminar will discuss the key trends driving revenue growth and opportunity in key areas of the tech sector for 2021: Information and communications technology (ICT), Digital Health, Life Science, AgriFood and CleanTech sectors.

For entrepreneurs and investors, these are exciting yet uncertain times. Heading into 2021 there are many reasons for optimism for the technology sector. Despite a global pandemic, 2020 was a record year for startup financing and the pandemic stimulated the transformational changes that attract us to "high tech". This seminar is an opportunity to see how the key tech sectors are being changed and/or enhanced by powerful market forces.

Why You Should Attend:
- Learn what is HOT and what is NOT
- Gain insight into anticipated changes in 2021 in each sector
- Understand the adoption patterns have changed and are anticipated to change further
- This previews the trends demonstrated by successful BC companies who will be showcased on the Ready to Rocket list for 2021 on March 23rd

What You Will Leave With:
- Insights into the forces at play in each sector
- Ideas on trends you can capitalize on
- The slides will be made available to all registered attendees
  • 2020 in Tech: Key Stats
  • Disruptive Technologies in Times of Disruptive Change
  • High Growth Areas in ICT
  • Health in Focus to Drive Digital Health and Life Science
  • Green is not New, but Achieving New Scale and Relevance
  • Innovation Adoption in the AgriFood Value Chain
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    Geoffrey Hansen
    Managing Partner, Rocket Builders
    Geoffrey Hansen is an experienced technology entrepreneur, analyst and investor currently working as both a Strategic Advisor (Rocket Builders) and as an Investment Banker (Garibaldi Capital Advisors).