Now, participants in your web conferences can see what you see - web pages, programs, and presentation animations - when you share your desktop.
Unlimited web conferencing for your group.
See why over 3,500 groups love using BigMarker.
Best for thought leaders sharing publicly
Host public conferences
Manage conferences, recordings, and members in a public community
Seamless YouTube Integration
Best for organizations sharing internally
per community, per month
Host public + private conferences
Manage conferences, recordings, and members in a private community
More administrative control
Includes Meet Now instant meetings
  • 250 attendees
  • Any member can host conferences
  • Sell tickets or memberships
  • No per-user charges
  • No contracts, setup, or cancellation fees
  • Never any funny business
Everything you need during and between conferences.
Each community on BigMarker has all the tools to plan, conduct, record, store, and share your group's web conferences. It's also your hub to connect between conferences, message attendees, and post important updates.
  • Large or small conferences
    Conferencing for up to 250 people
    Host large webinars or small meetings where everyone can participate, chat, share video, and speak.
  • Invitation & promotion tools
    Easily promote your conference
    Drive attendance through email, social media, and BigMarker's conferencing network.
  • Beautiful event pages
    Specific registration pages
    Easily create a page for your conference, where people can register and view any pre-read documents you post.
  • Registration management
    Track who's coming
    See who you've invited, who has registered, and who attended right on your conference registration page.
  • Sell tickets
    Generate revenue
    Sell tickets to your conferences to monetize your knowledge. Premium content and services have never been easier.
  • 12-way video conferencing
    Up to 12 people can share video
    In webinars, anyone you call on can share their video. In meetings, everyone can - up to 12 people at a time.
  • Virtual presentations
    Easy presentations
    Present a PowerPoint, PDF, and many other files without any complicated software.
  • Record conferences
    Record conferences
    Record your sessions with a neat start-stop feature, so your recording can skip the 10 minutes of banter at the beginning of the session.
  • Store & watch recordings
    Play recordings from your community
    Keep all of your recordings in one place and play them from your community. Make them easily accessible to your members.
  • Post recordings to YouTube
    Upload to YouTube
    Share your recordings with the world and build your brand by instantly posting your content to YouTube.
  • Embed recordings
    Share recordings easily
    Easily embed recordings on your blog or website.
  • Your branding in conferences
    Custom branding
    Your logo goes in the top left corner of your conferences, not ours, so you get the credit for your conferences.
  • Stay connected between sessions
    Stay connected in a community
    Keep your group engaged between conferences, access past recordings, and plan future conferences, all in one place.
  • 5GB cloud storage
    5GB storage
    Store recordings, documents, presentations, and virtually anything else in your community.
  • Facebook Events integration
    Facebook Events integration
    Easily create a Facebook Event for your conference to broaden your reach and drive attendance.
  • No complex downloads
    No complex software downloads
    BigMarker runs in your web browser, so neither hosts nor attendees need to download any complex software just to get in.
We guarantee your conference will go great, or your money back.
BigMarker is a game-changer. i've spent a lot of month presenting papers at conferences. BigMarker allowed us to painlessly host one from home!
Dr. Tom Benjamin
Thought Leader Sydney, Australia