If you're just adding account after account, you're not competing strategically. This webinar is for founders who want to learn the analytical principles behind exponential growth and how to plan to achieve it. The material goes deeper than my book on key areas related to annual plans. Ideal for founders who have crossed the $1M trailing revenue threshold and are actively raising capital. Note: watch this webinar BEFORE you hire a branding agency.
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About This Webinar
This webinar is for founders in the early years who are new to the CPG industry and the art of planning early-stage growth. Planning is about embedding discipline in the company. The goal is to grow fast AND stay in business. It's not about profit or riding unicorns. Join me for this quarterly webinar. And build annual planning into your culture from the start.
  • What is Strategic Planning and Why Does it Matter?
  • Planning Growth
  • Measuring Growth
  • Creating Your Brand's Custom Playbook
James Richardson
Dr. James Richardson has nearly 20 years of experience helping food and beverage brands strategically plan their growth. He is
a specialist in accelerating growth through advanced niche marketing strategy. His knowledge of natural/organic brands extends from consumer behavior to the bottom-line. He posts frequently on LinkedIN and speaks regularly at Bevnet/NOSH events.
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