About This Webinar
Strong teamwork is the foundation of most successful businesses, whether the team is located in a single office or working together virtually across the globe. Whether you are engaging with third-party vendors or telecommuting co-workers, having the right tools for collaboration makes all the difference.
OneDrive is the files app for Microsoft 365, and it is a powerful sharing tool, too.
OneDrive helps your organization embrace the transformation to a digital workplace as well as enable modern productivity without compromising on user experience or data security.

In this session we will demonstrate how OneDrive makes it easy to share files securely within and outside our organization as well collaborate on them in real-time with your colleagues.

This session is followed by an "Ask me anything" session at https://aka.ms/OneDriveAMA


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  • Introduction (10 minutes)
  • Demo: External sharing and collaboration with OneDrive (20 minutes)
  • Demo: Governance and management of external sharing (10 minutes)
  • Conclusion (5 minutes)
  • Ankita-photo
    Ankita Kirti
    Product Manager, Microsoft
    Ankita Kirti is a Product Manager on the Microsoft 365 product marketing team responsible for OneDrive for Business. Ankita is a Computer Science Engineering graduate from India.
  • Rafael_headshot
    Rafael Lopez-Uricoechea
    Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
    Rafael has worked at Microsoft for six years and joined the OneDrive and SharePoint team in 2015. Since then, he’s spent most of his time working on making it easier to share and collaborate on files and folders. Outside of work he enjoys Korean food, PC gaming, and keeping up with Oscar nominations.
  • Srice_headshot
    Stephen Rice
    Program Manager, Microsoft
    Stephen is a Program Manager on the OneDrive product team working on collaboration, sharing and IT controls. He spends his time working on making end users happier and more successful in their day to day lives, whether they are working with members of their organization or external partners, and on helping IT professionals control and secure their OneDrive and SharePoint files. You can find Stephen on the Microsoft Tech Community Forums where he understands and engages with customers directly to help improve the product.
  • Catherine
    Catherine Feldman
    Program Manager, Microsoft
    Catherine is a Program Manager on the OneDrive product team responsible for sharing and collaboration. She owns the Shared experience and focuses on making it easier for customers to get work done together. She has a multidisciplinary background in computer science and psychology and has worked in several research labs prior to joining Microsoft. She also founded and manages a large online community for product managers in her free time.