Please join us for a one-hour webinar introducing Nelson Early Years Collections hosted by educator and author Jennette Mackenzie along with educator Julie Binmore. The Nelson Early Years Collections are designed to support the development of young children and to address their areas of vulnerabilities identified by the Early Development Instrument (EDI). Research gathered by the EDI gives educators a window into how to set up children most effectively for a positive life trajectory, both in school and beyond. The rapid brain development of a Kindergarten-age child presents an excellent opportunity to make the greatest positive impact on children’s physical, social, cognitive, linguistic, and emotional growth. By identifying and addressing areas of need and vulnerabilities during the early years, educators can increase the likelihood that all children will reach their greatest potential.

On many educators’ minds is the extended absence from school during the Covid-19 pandemic, which may result in many children’s vulnerabilities being more pronounced. Keeping this concern in mind this webinar will help participants gain an understanding of how Nelson Early Years Collections support educators in addressing each of the five domains in their classroom. It will focus on an overview of the collections, a description of the components, and examples of how the strategies are aligned to Kindergarten learning spaces. Participants will learn that by providing suggestions for home experiences combined with school experiences, the growth, development, and well-being of children are supported to every extent possible.
Author & Educator
Jennette MacKenzie has been an educator for more than forty years and has a master’s degree in education. She has worked with both elementary and secondary schools. She has had a number of roles in education including classroom teacher, teacher librarian, consultant, principal/coordinator of curriculum and staff development for elementary and secondary schools. Jennette has taught many courses for Brock University including principal qualifications, reading and elementary science courses. She has also worked with teacher pre-service programs and has worked for the Ministry of Education. Jennette is currently working with Nelson Education. She has written and advised on many of the educational resources used in Canadian classrooms. Jennette works with school districts across the country to provide professional development for educators, administrators, and parents. She is a frequent keynote speaker at national and provincial conferences.
As a lifelong Kindergarten teacher and administrator, Julie Binmore made building relationships with students and their parents the foundation of her work. By recognizing and addressing vulnerabilities in the early years Julie was able to make a positive impact on setting her children up for success so that they can reach their potential in the Kindergarten classroom. Julie is currently a parenting coach who focuses on bringing intention, empathy, and joy to parenting.