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You CAN DO This! Teach different ages with the same curriculum has so many perks: family bonding, a shorter homeschool day, and less stress for you. Learn how to adapt to different learning styles and shed your worry about your children being “on grade level.”
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    Tanya Warpula
    Tanya Warpula has been a navy wife and moves every 3-4 years. Their family loves the adventure of moving and seeing new places. They travel several times a year. Tanya is a mom of five kids ages 17,17,16,14,12. They have homeschooled for 7 years, using BookShark for five of those years. For the last three years, Tanya has contracted with BookShark as an advisor.
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    Janna Koch
    After using BookShark curriculum with her three daughters for several years, she joined their team as a convention representative, helping homeschoolers choose the right programs for their families at in-person events. Now she assists homeschoolers across the world in her new role as a community manager. She loves it when a parent, unsure of their ability to homeschool their child, discovers they more than capable with the right curriculum!