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Partner Webinars
  • Thursday, June 25, 2020 · 1:00 PM EDT
    You quoted leads earlier in the year that soon fell off the face of the Earth. Now’s the time to get them back with REHASH! After all, customers have been stuck at home staring at that eyesore of a roof, windows, or kitchen/bathroom and are intere...
  • On-Demand
    Cash is poured into advertising, door-to-door selling, and buying leads. Increasing your spend effectiveness by as little as 5% to focus on the right prospects and metrics can bring thousands of dollars back in your pocket every year. But how do y...
  • Thursday, October 8, 2020 · 1:00 PM EDT
    It’s easy to overcomplicate your sales process.

    You probably have 8+ lead “stages” in your CRM, some of which are never used or redundant.

    And since reps are jumping from job to job, getting them to follow up with leads AND update your CRM is l...
Messaging Master Classes
  • Wednesday, October 28, 2020 · 10:00 AM EDT
    QUICK NOTE: Webinar starts around 4-minute mark! Had some issues with the audio at the beginning.


    The average web visitor spends less than 2 minutes on your site. How can you set your website up to convince more of those visitors to give you...
  • Wednesday, September 30, 2020 · 1:00 PM EDT
    Companies that do rehash right can increase their close rate between 7-10% - but the key to success isn’t just automating your follow-up.

    Once you’ve launched a rehash campaign and messages start pouring in, do you and your team know how to resp...
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